Tias is the primary protagonist of the 2018 film The Bastard Sword.

He is a tavern fighter who finds himself in Soza Forest searching for The Bastard Sword.

Tias is portrayed by Xander Phillips

Biography Edit

Tias was brought up by his father who was a grain farm by trade but he has always dreamed of being a soldier in the King's Guard.

He is a self taught fighter using things on the farm to build his strength.

At the age of 11 there was a conflict between the citadel and the workers of the town, which put many of the local establishments on a strike, he taught himself to fight, to begin with for defence of himself growing up in a bad area but ultimately with the dream of one day becoming a soldier.

Tias got the chance to become a soldier at the age of 21 but was rejected due to being the son of a farmer even after the conflict was resolved.

Tias down on his luck began to fight as a Tavern Fighter for money, money to help keep the farm afloat.

When Tias meets Ulysses in the events of The Bastard Sword he is 22 years old

Weapons and Equipment Edit

Weapons Edit

Tias's Preferred Weapon is a One Handed Sword. This is due to wanting to use his other hand for striking rather than as a counterweight, he does this to break patterns in the opponents movements.

He never leaves his home without his Horse Handled Dagger both for work and defence. he prefers to keep it in plain sight rather than in a boot for a sense of honour

Fighting Style Edit

Tias is a self taught fighter and relied on training at on his fathers farm to develop his strength. he would often turn daily chores into workouts in order to keep his work interesting and build his fitness at the same time.